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Alright, here are only a few

1.1 Dumpy whites= Kermit and Ms. Piggy, (Hey I couldn't help it alright.

2 cornsnakes I HAD = Horatio and Marcellus (Shakespearean...couldn't help it either...was a phase)

1.0 Variable Kingsnake= Seth...everyone needs a snake called Seth

0.0.1 Cali King= Cypher

Leopard geckos that I named (eventualy ran out of names)
Rio Degenero, Rogue, Griffin, Braeden(don't ask), Jinx(escapee extra ordinaire), then...I gave up. Babies haven't been named either...

Giant frog eyed geckos: Freya, Athena, Pan, Trap, thelast male remains un named...I've yet to watch him enough to figure out what suits him.

Cresteds: Artemis, Neo(mi), Moron(otherwise known as Ozymandias), Harley, Tanner, (Last two named on colourations as babies....temporary names, as is neomi, thought she was going to be a boy, I was watching the matrix, called her Neo...and well, hey...things change)

Red eyed tree frogs..give me a break, I've quite a few,there is no way I'm going to name them or my P. Vittatus

Tinctorus, Viona and Smudge

Green cheek conure : Tobias.

Cat, Domi

Budgie: Buddy/Castor(aka beaver...he eats his perches...)

Fish....I won't list their names..thats embarassing...

Horses/Ponies(backwhen I had them) Macciato, Isty/Practicaly Perfect, Roman/Centurians Delight, Johnny Cash, Vito, blah blah blah

Mice, Tigger, Emily, Ms.Jingles*was SUPPOSEd to be Mister Jingles from the green mile, but noooo*...J@ck@.....where we know where thats going...and then the moo cow babies.

I've quite a few more pets, but ya know what? It's midnight, and I have to be at work in 7 hours. So tough luck getting them out of me -lol-
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