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The Boa Diaries (long)

These are 2 sets of entries from 2 different snakes. Who do you think has the better life? This is in case anyone still questions the morals of, if we are right in keeping reptiles.

Take outs from a wild male Boa Constrictorís diary.

Spring: Another rainy humid day. Had to avoid the Jaguar again today, heís starting to get pretty clever; I think Iíll have to look for new places to hide. Crawled though some tall grass picked up 8 ticks. Rotten Blood suckers. Iíll go down to the river to try and soak for a while, just hope those caiman are not there today.
Oh great even worse, the village kids are playing in the river. I know they will all scream if they see me, and try to kill me. Have to find another spot now. Hmmm getting kind of hungry too.
Hmmm thereís a nice rabbit, if Iím real quiet I can get dinner finally. Ok Iím ready now just coil up a bitÖDarn, stupid monkeys scared it off. One of these days Iím going to get that monkey. Oh well another long time without a meal.

Summer: Wow is it hot out now!!! Iím sitting by the river in the shade, trying to keep cool. I better go hide in the tree here come the caiman.
Time to go look for food. Havenít eaten in almost 2 months now. Sometimes I wish I was a vegetarian. Nahhh. Good thing Iím up this tree, there goes that jaguar again. Heís been after me for a long time now. One day itís going to be me or him. Hey thereís a mouse over there. Itís kind of small but itís better than nothing. Arggh the little &*^&% bit me!!! Oh he is sooo dead. Well that was good, still kind of hungry though. Oh well it will have to do.

Fall: Ahh itís cooling down a bit. Iím feeling pretty good today. Havenít had any ticks for a while, the mites have left m alone. Life is good! Started feeling sort of funny lately, been getting some strange urges. HeyÖ there is a really nice female Boa, I think Iíll try to get to know her. Hmmm she didnít seem interested in me. Oh well her loss. Hey there is another girl, woohoo sheís a real cutie too. Hmmm thereís another male by her, Iím going to have to fight to get her, shouldnít be a problem I think I can take him. See that wasnít so bad. Now on to the lady. Sweet she likes me. Ahhh so this is the urge I was having. Hey whatís that noise? Doesnít matter Iím to busy to care. Oh great its 2 of those humans, maybe they will leave us be. Oh no one of them has a big knife and he is coming for us!!!

No further entries were found in this diary.

A few entries from Ed_rís male Boa Constrictors diary

Spring: Some guyís taking me to his house, boy I hope he knows what he is doing. Iím getting hungry. Ok were home, hmmm halfway desent place, just hope he doesnít stick me in a cold box. Hey this place isnít half bad. No Taj Mahal but not bad either. Nice and warm in here, hey a little cooler over on that side, I could get used to this. Hey cool he is going to feed me, at least I wont have too far to chase the food around. Hey, now this is service!!! He already killed my food for me! Well now THAT was a meal. I think Iíll just pass out for a while under the heat. Ahhhh. I think Iíll go in the water for a bit now, ahh nice and refreshing, and all to myself. Too Cool. Oooops now I did it, I made a mess in my water. So much for my clean water. Oh great here he comes in my house, what is he going to do now? Hey he is cleaning up my mess, Sweet. Now I have a maid!!!

Summer: Hey, heís taking me out of my home. Wonder what he is doing? Cool weíre going outside. That sun sure feels good, fresh air ahh I think Iíll just chill out here for a bit. Maybe do a little exploring. Hey yeah itís feeding day again. Iím getting so spoiled not having to kill my food anymore. Canít wait to see him clean up after me again. I got him wrapped around me tail. Wonder who those cute lady Boas are? I wouldnít mind meeting them.

Fall: My house seems a bit cooler. Getting some funny urges lately. The girls seems to be pretty active too, something must be up. Here he comes taking me out of my house again. Where is he taking me? Heís putting me in one of the girlís houses!!! Hey guy your alright!!! So hey honeyÖ. How U Duin? Woohoo If the house is rockin donít come knockin!!! Whew Iím beat. Glad to be back home now. She was pretty nice. Where is he taking me now? Oh Yeah!!!! Iím in another girlís house!!! Woohoo Whoís your snakie!!!
This is wearing me out! Not that itís a bad thing. Hey I saw another girl here too, wonder if I will get to meet her too? Sure enough here I go again!!! Woohooo!!!!

Winter: Ah Winter a time for reflection. This has been a wonderful year for me. Iíve put on quite a few pounds. Yeah I havenít missed many meals. He does everything for me, even kills my food for me. What a guy!!! Set me up in a pretty nice house. Takes me out when its nice out. Best of all he hooks me up with all kinds of girl friends. This is the life. Although sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be free and live back in the rainforests with all the other Boas, and other animals. I bet they really have it nice. Regardless Iím still happy here.
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