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long spiel

I don't really know how to tell my tale...cause quite frankly, it's all a jumble.

I've been into animals ever since I was able to walk, so of course my first pets were cats, guinea pigs, a lop eared rabbit, a crab , fish, and a pony(then a horse) and canary (which is now a conure)...though I always had a thing for herps.
Even when I was in kindergarden, I helped take care of the water dragon in one of the older childrens classrooms.
At that young age, I also was known for taking off in the middle of the mall, to find the closest pet store.

I never knew I would ever be 'allowed' to keep reptiles when I was young. So I contented myself with planting myself infront of the tv to watch nature shows, and to read any articles I could find about them. As well as reading on the net, and e-mailing breeders on occasion with curiosity questions.

I never started keeping reptiles till I got hired at a petstore because I knew more then the associate there at the time. So I was hired pretty much on the spot (talk about boosting my ego)..and then I just...came home one day with a rescue leopard gecko (who is still with me as to this day).

Then from there, it's all a blur *lol* now I have a room entirely dedicated to my herps.

I love this 'hobby' 'passion' 'obsession'
As well as the people I meet along the way.

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