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Monkeys- I think you have a great idea there, and a cute name for your organization.

I run a reptile rescue in Albuquerque, New Mexico, (Samba's Reptile Rescue SambasReptileRescue@Hotmail.Com)
and let me tell you... it is NOT easy! First off, there are legal matters, you have to get your non-profit registered with the state (this is so you will be able to legally ask for donations, seek certain benefits from the government, and are easy to reference should someone need your assistance).

Secondly, most of the animals you will receive will be difficult to find homes for, and you'll get more then your fair share of sick reptiles. The most common and most difficult animals to place are probably iguanas, large pythons (Burmese, Retics, Red-Tailed Boas, etc.) You'll also get your share of animals who won't appreciate anything you do for them (rewarded with bites, whips, etc.) You have to find a herp vet (and when you are a recognized organization you may be able to find one who will provide discounts). You will need to know the husbandry of many different species, how to recognize medical emergencies, etc. You will also find it helpful to know how to assist or force feed an animal (this is something you WILL see, not possibly).

There is so much involved, so I would suggest you get to know how shelters and such work, learn about your native species (you will be working with those as well... and in TX you have some venemous snakes and Gilas there). There is an organization called the 'North Texas Giant Snake Rescue' (if I recall the name right). You should contact them for advice. These are nice folks who have fought hard for the privilage to rescue animals, and are aquaintences of mine.

I hope all this info helps, it's somewhat condensed, as I have limited time right now. If you have any questions, feel free to post them and I or someone else will do our best to help you. Good Luck!
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