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I often hear these same dispersions cast on medical doctors who are unable to effetely treat a human envenomation. I donít think we can hold these vets/doctors accountable for this. A few hours are spent covering envenomations in medical school and then most MDís will never treat one in their career. How can we expect them to know exactly what to do? As venomous keepers, we fully accept the responsibility. We seek out physicians in our area who have the experience we need and we carry care sheets with us to provide the medical staff in an emergency. Along those same lines, we can not expect vets to know everything about every animal. I doubt that chinchillas are even covered in vet school and most vets will never treat one. As exotic keepers, it is our responsibility to seek out vets experienced in the animals we keep. One can imagine the trouble we had finding a vet will to treat rattlesnakes. =) In this case, where the keeper recently moved, she probably had not has occasion to locate such a vet. Was just a case of bad timing. Very sorry for your loose, but we canít really blame the vet.
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