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Too Hot!!

Holy Crap, in my three years so far in snake keeping, this has NEVER happened to me...

I went out and when I came back, Montey was on the cool side of her cage, and she's NEVER out of her warm side hide. Chaos, who is always at least HALF in her hide was curled up under her waterdish...that's when I looked at the temperature both outside and in the cages.

It was 45 Degrees Celcius (113 F for the Americans ) outside and in their cages it was a good 95 approx. It was sweltering! And we're in NORTHERN ONTARIO!!!! I was like oh gawd. So I unplugged all heat sources and turned on fans in my room. Now, without the heat sources, it's back at usual temps. But now there's no gradient in the cage. Is that ok? They seem to be better now...but I just wanted to know if it's healthy to have an aquarium all the same temp.

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