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Just some interesting information on exotics, and not so exotics.

Donkeys kill more people per year than plane crashes. Who would have thought the cute little docile donkey could have a temper, and deadly accurate kick. A MULE can AIM a kick for best results, I can attest to this, I have been on the receiving end of a couple of these.

Horses kill more people per year than all other exotics combined, including dogs and cats. Funny that there is no law against going to the auction on Saturday to buy the kids a pony, just to have them crater their head into a fence post on Sunday. (This actually happened) I have 3 ounces of titanium in my spine thanks to a horse, they are right above chickens on the animal intelligence scale. Dont get me wrong, I loved horses and grew up in a horse family, they are trainable, but not that smart.

If you do not keep snakes (or reptiles) you are more likely to be bitten by another person than you are to be bitten by a snake.

There are 2 types of people who keep snakes - those who have been bitten, and those that are going to be. Most of us who choose to keep them are aware of this fact.

Working with Great dane rescue for 9 years, I would rather be bitten by a retic than a Dane. I have had my palm bitten clean through by a Dane that was just scared and abused, and it was not his fault.

I did abandon my veterinary career due to the fact that I had completely underestimated human stupidity. My internship left me so disgruntled with people, I wished we were able to neuter them before they had a chance to breed.

When people get all upset over the choices of pets we keep, I wonder how closely they really look at the world around them. Everywhere there is child poverty, sexual abuse and neglect. It does not matter if we are rich or poor, smart or stupid, this is serious stuff happening in our own back yards.

Lets worry about our children and fellow man first, and when we have solved the major issues surrounding humanity, and we are not exhausted with the effort, lets throw ourselves headlong into the petty crap! When we are as concerned for the homeless man dying in the street, as we are for the (reptile) dying in the petstore, I might understand the mentality (or lack thereof) behind this type of crusade.

Just my 2 cents
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