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I never realised that I say aboot until it was pointed out to me by an American.
I am 29 years old!
Nobody really knows their accent untill it is pointed out to them by somebody in another country.
Everybody does not believe they have an accent it is the other people that do.
Because the English language is the most popular and strived for in learning as a second language we take it for granted that it is not considered to have an accent just the people who learn it have the accent.
Yes we do say "hu" but as in a form of a question instead of "what" or "pardon"
We use "eh" as a slang at the end of a sentence to accentuate the point.
When the aboot is pointed out the only way to stress the accent we have for about is to write it that way. We do not stress the "U" in our dialogue where as most Americans do in their pronounciation. We ourselves can say that is their accent in turn they can say it is ours.
Speak with Americans for 7.5 hrs a day and you will pick it up and notice the difference with the words house out about mouse etc any word that has an "ou" in it.
Just like the Dutch do not pronounce the "th" or the Australians really stress their "a"
As for the education half of it I cannot remember any of the American history I was taught in school at all.
We are a quiet uneventfull country (untill recently with all of these lovely diseases that were going around) and I would like to keep it that way, that is what makes us special. That is what makes living in Canada such a wonderfull thing. We have alot less fears living here than the majority of other countries.
That is why I do not worry what other countries are taught about our history because honestly the only thing that you learn any more about other countries is war, violence, and poverty.
This is not to come across as controversal it is meant as my opinion only. And me being me well I felt the need to share
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