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We have 20 snakes. maintaining them doesn't take that long compared with 5 snakes. takes me about 1 hour to feed them (including thawing of the rodent) cleaning takes 2 - 15 minutes a day depending on what needs to be done. sociallizing them on the other hand takes longer, though often we will just hang a snake over our shoulder or around a wrist and go about doing other things.

As for registering your herps, I only would take this as an option to out right bans. I don't want to voluntarily bring in laws that bring me 1 step closer to bans or more restrictions on what we can and cant keep. proposing to register and restrict herps when there is currently no legislation on the table about them at all is bad, as some places may decide they don't want to deal with the registration and just go for an all out ban.

Putting legislation on the table is like saying that we have a problem with too many herps, which is not the idea we want to convey.

Lets keep herping free with out shooting ourselves in the foot, we have enough problems with other groups making us dance.
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