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Unhappy ~tears~

Before I start this post I want everyone to know that I'm not doing this to get free pets or anything else that would personaly benefit me in any way, except in the pleasure of helping the animals!!!
With that said, I am seriosly thinking of opening a chain of rescue/shelters and Foster homes called T.E.A.R.S. Texas Exotic Animal Rescue Shelter. The basic idea is that is a bunch of rescues, shelters, and exotic animal foster homes operating in and around texas all working together. I couldt keep that many animals maybe a few small snakes and lizards no lizards bigger then 2' and no snakes bigger then 8' and very few of that but that would be just me, We would have a "league"[referring to a previos post by a member] of shelters and such that would seriosly improve the life of many animals. Even though I couldt help much with the animals, I'm fairly good business man despite my age and one hell of a insprational speaker I've been told and won awards for so I could help out with the books and sponsors and fundraiser and such like that. Pending on the ADVISE I get from this site and some other things I will begin contacting animals shelters and rescues and trying to find very descent foster homes for the animals. I know there are many more little things and some big things to work out or I havet said here out of forgetfullness but feel free to ask any questions and I would love to answer them. I would love to play a signifant role in saving animals lives and I ask everyone to remeber that this will not only be me so I'm only getting in over my head a little bit.LOL, but I love a good challenge escpeccialy when the odds are against me. But so far I havet found any everyone I'v talk to has been really supportive and friendly, though might have just have been being nice. Which is why I have came to this, I have noticed that you people are VERY "Honest"!!! Thanks for the advice cant wait to hear and to answer any questions. Thganks again in advance!!!
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