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Now, as far as other opinions I am willing to share with the snake community.

I think there should be regulations that keep idiots from owning some reptiles. This is hard to do - but in a perfect world, you could get licensed to show compentancy to keep giant pythons, big monitors, crocodillians and venomous snakes.

Unfortunately, this licensing system will never happen.

Having said that, Sarge, our dog, is potentially more dangerous than most of our reptiles. But, again, in a perfect world idiots would not be able to keep big dogs, pit bulls etc.

The time is now, to band together and fight these laws. Educate the public.

I'd love to see wild aninmals in the wild, but for many animals, there is no more wild places to live. (hey, I could include that in my letter - it sounds good - a good example would be the Dumerils boa, or Indigo snakes)

I wish the activists would put more energy into stopping rattlesnake roundups, rain forest destruction etc - and less energy into more trivial things like keeping cornsnakes.

There is a devil woman in B.C. - I think she should be exposed for what she really is, she has done a lot of damage to us, the enemy.

I have tried really hard to see these bylaws from the point of view of their makers and supporters, but I am having a tough time getting my head that far up my butt.

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