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Well people we got us a thread. First off Damien is right as far as me being Mr. Anti-establishment & Anarchy Now would suit me fine if I thought it would work. We must have some things regulated as Bryce has stated such as hots & large Boids. Face it some people are idiots & are ruining it for those of us who are not. I do not agree with any licensing of reptiles other than the hots & the 10 ft + Boids etc. It would be a good way to weed out some of the "unworthies" & maybe save someones life. Any other registraton (other than by "us" on our own behalf) would simply be a tool to be possibly used againest us & also just another source of revenue for govt. agencies (maybe they just want their cut). If I am forced to comply to some sort of registration/inspection or whatever as a breeder I will do what is required by law to continue what I do. This does not mean I will support it or like it, but if its comply or lose my animals, comply I will. The whole approach that has been taken recently by the B.C. cities etc. is a very scary wake up call for us all & just goes to show how naive the powers that be really are & how easy it is for them to start bending us over. Mark
P.S. Now for my politically incorrect stance on the subject. "THEY HAD BETTER HOPE THAT THEY HAVE TAKEN MY GUNS BEFORE THEY COME FOR MY SNAKES!" LOL M.I.>(
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