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Well I guess this answers the question of do we live in a free society, apparently some politicians what to control how we spend our time and what types of animals we can keep. last time I heard the ferret rescue had over 300 ferrets from the Vancouver area. Why has no one mentioned this? Simply they can pass as cute and cuddly. Basically they have fur. I was just called by our local SPCA because someone brought a snake in. They would even let it in the building because they don't like them it was in a hamster cage underneath of a tree in the f**cking parking lot. Apparently "humane" only applies to animals they personally like. So much for a huge problem. since I agreed to take reptiles in that were dropped of at the SPCA three months ago, I have only received two reptiles. Wow I had no idea it was such a huge problem. I personally will not be donating any money to the SPCA from now on. I respect what they do with the animals they choose to help, but how can I possibly support them when they are so biased that they leave a poor snake in the parking lot. They fear what they don't know or understand and I didn't see any indication that they wanted to learn.

As far as someone wanting to tell me how many snakes I can own, THAT IS UTTERLY RIDICULOUS! How on earth can that be a good solution? So now no one can be a large breeder? God forbid you should want to keep something you love and now wait you now have to many choose which you want to keep and now you can't get anymore. How is that going to help there be less abandoned reptiles. How does that equal responsible ownership?

Oh and form now on I am calling it"The Rainforest Reptile Refuse."

That's my rant! Tim B.
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