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Breeders should have to be regestered to keep control of populations and conditions. This would also make them accountable to be "legimate"businesses. Taxes and such, but thats another topic all together. It would hopefully eliminate the importing of sickly animals and substandard conditions of snakey-mills. If people are so worried out the "health and safety" of the reptiles of the world, this would be a giant leap for their safety
OMG......Please give me a break....... MOST of us have put blood,sweat and tears not to mention thousands of dollars into our collections.......MOST of us have the best conditions for our animals and MOST of us do watch for over flooding of the markets and take steps not to let this happen.......We dont need the likes of "the powers that be" or urself telling us how many herps we can keep. As for the Legit business ,paying taxes and such.....I for one do and have all along.....seems to me that ur still upset about some other personal/business issues As for ur sickly animals and substandard snakey mills comment ......All I can say is that if u put a watchful eye on us breeders all ull have is ur sickly herps out there.......And I am sure u know all about that .
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