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Mark...I understand your points related to registration, and you raise a good arguement...but 'registration' is something for us to do as an industry/hobby within reptile organizations(provincial/national,etc) so that good can come from it. The cities and municipalities do not and should not manage reptile registrations of any kind, for this would lead to pointless fees and controls. Restricting the number of animals is not appropriate for reptiles regardless of whether you consider yourself a 'hobbiest' or 'breeder', simply because it is not practical to impose restrictions on all parties, regardless of species kept. This 'blanket' approach would damage our ability to keep these wonderful animals. No doubt about it.
I have to totally agree with this...... Any registration for breeders or keepers would only give the powers that be more ruleing then they already have......Plus how on earth are we going to keep the CBB market alive if we are probed and watched all the time....I think we are able to keep an eye out on ourselves and most of us have the ability to know when our animals are in poor condition or what is illegal to keep.We dont need anyone who doesnt know a thing about herps to tell us that...........
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