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Reptile Gallery...

Your attitude is one of the reasons that people push these kinds of laws on herpers.
I never said that dogs and cats care was = to snakes.
But lets face it...3 dogs or 20 snakes. If your properly taking care of your animals, owning this many snakes would take up a vast amount of time, more than the average person would have to spend!
Mark has hit the nail on the head as far as I'm concerened.
Breeders should have to be regestered to keep control of populations and conditions. This would also make them accountable to be "legimate"businesses. Taxes and such, but thats another topic all together. It would hopefully eliminate the importing of sickly animals and substandard conditions of snakey-mills. If people are so worried out the "health and safety" of the reptiles of the world, this would be a giant leap for their safety.
hopefully showing others the genuine concerns for safety.

OH yeah....just to finishup with Reptile Gallery.
You can have herps case you didn't know.

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