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My letter to the editor

Wow what a sensationalistic headline.
"Exotic animals 'live and die in basements"
I think the community would be better served with a headline that accurately reads:
"Exotic animals 'live and die in the Rainforest Reptile Refuge"

I would like to see where the exotics are, that are dying in such just great multitudes?
I think it might serve you well to see what animals, and how many, are being given to the Reptile Refuse in the last couple of years? I would wager to guess NOT many. I have heard tell they have to buy animals to fill their refuge and I am not talking about iguanas and turtles I am talking about snakes. You see its a business for them and you must understand that its in Ms Schrams best interest to say she has lots of animals that come in. Remember there are no animals going out. Imagine the SPCA being run on that principal? All the Cats and Dogs going in but none being adopted out? No euthanasia - You would have about 5,000 per kennel. You could then run around and print "Dogs and Cats "live and die in basements" - That's pretty insane.

Tell me how you can run a reptile rescue without an adoption program? How can you say you care about these animals when you would rather keep them in over crowded, unsanitary conditions? than adopt them out to caring capable individuals? Its ridiculous and insane. The only place these reptiles are dying are in her refuge. Lets dig up their backyard and she just how many animals have needlessly died for her beliefs.

I am wondering if you talked to the Herp clubs in the community? I am sure they can show you how well these exotics are looked after. I think the readership would be better served taking up the cause of abused children in the community, instead of this nonsense of abused reptiles. She should look into licensing parents to keep children, and see where that goes.

T. Piorun

PS: the $3,000 designer snake you are talking about is an albino Burmese python. Price? about $225. Believe me anyone that pays that much for an animal cares about it and if it gets to be too much they find it a good home. Just like any caring person would.
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