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Not ot mention that she does not provide the proper care for the animals she "rescues". It's appauling that she can even be condsidered a refuge! I wrote a letter to Kurt Spencer, the reporter of the original column, and I just sent one to the editor. I swear if they don't print it, I will keep on writing until they do. Why in this day and age is it okay for a newspaper to be biased? Give me a break. I cannot even count om my fingers AND toes how many people I know that have been seriously hurt by a dog, but reptiles? NEVER!!!!! Arghhh. I want to scream. I could never imagine how bad I would feel if someone took away any of my reptiles. The worst part is that no one seems to understand what exotics means- good-bye birdies, hamsters and blah, blah, blah too! Could you imagine the fuss if people had their birds taken away? I'm too mad to say anymore!
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