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Hi Damien long time no see/hear. In reguards to registration & limited #'s of animals it is a good idea for petowners & from others point of view. In reguards to breeders though, serious conflict. If they consider as you suggested they must also be willing to work with people who are currently involved in breeding etc. A special permit or license would be required for them or they will all be out of business or in violation of "new laws". It would not be nessicarily a bad thing for some breeders to be required to do so as it would hopefully eliminate "puppy mill" conditions in certain "breeders" cases as maybe such permits etc. would actually involve an inspection of the premises to make sure everything was up to par & put these "puppy mill types" out of business. I don't really know what to suggest but I don't think registering every snake I ever own would "thrill" me or anyone else for that matter. These people making the laws seem to have very little sense when it comes to them & are strongly biased in doing so. If they actually researched & based bylaws etc. on facts & statistics instead of "old wives tales" & closeminded backwards attitudes maybe people would be more willing to work with them in getting a "proper system" in place. As of right now I'm as Anti-establishment as ever based on the approach of most "councils" in reguards to any laws in reguards to animals or otherwise. I am willing to work with "them" just because I will have no other choice but to do so. Sad but true. Mark
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