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Well Great Brittan is the States Biggest allie (very large well trained nuclear power) They spend more to operate one of their nuclear aircraft carriers per year than we spend on our whole millitary.As far as trade goes we got to be the biggest we send so much oil and gas and hydro to the States it would shock you.I think Japan is way up there too though so it could be a toss up.Minn for beer? hmmm I have been there and outside of the major populations you would swear you were talking to canadan's.

Well good day eh
I start the bidding for the state of minn with 28 pack of Molson Canadian 12 Labbats blue And a six of cans of Club

"Why does any advanced civilization seek to destroy a less advanced one? Because the land is strategically valuable, because there are resources that can be cultivated and exploited, but most of all, simply because they can."
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