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Here we go again.

Some times things just can't make sence. In Edmonton, the city put in dog restrictive bylaws last year. They just had a reviewal of the laws yesterday. Even though the "pitt bull" breeds didn't make the top 20 biting dogs in the country, they are the only ones still restricted. Whats a person to do??? We'll fight these laws again and ask more Q's to the powers that be.
As for the proposed bylaws for reptiles in BC. It seems that you are facing some inevidable facts.
If the powers that be want it, they usually get it, so be prepared for the laws to be passed and soon.
I was talking to a friend in Victoria recently, who works for bylaws.
He said there was a descussion of reptiles and the laws which govern them.
This is FACT not fiction.
There are no laws to regulate the ownership of these animals.
Here in Edmonton, you may only have 3 dogs per house hold, but NO restrictions on the # of reptiles you may own. This is the norm throughout Canada.
This was the biggest concern for the SPCA and bylaw officers.
Just wondering if you out there would agree to regestering your herps and being limited to the # per household, and paying a fee to ownthem as dog and cat owners do.
This could allow for people to keep what they want and the "powers" to help maintain the populations and care for the animals. You would also know some or all of the animals medical history if they had been registered, like a dog.

Just my opinion

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