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vets no help.....

some of you know I was off-line recently for a bit while we moved. every move has probs. my worst was that my baby chinchilla got too hot & took heat stroke. momma chinchilla was & is fine. i called the local vets in my new locale. they said they had never dealt with a chinchilla before & suggested a place in the city. the place in the city said my chinchilla needed overnight care & they don't keep staff on overnight. they sent me to an emergency after-hours clinic run by all the local vets. guess who was there that night.....the two vets i went to see in the first place who had never dealt with a chinchilla !! once again they said they couldn't help me. by this time it was after hours & no other place was open. i went home intending to try again in the morning. my precious little lisa didn't make it til then. my 5 year old daughter & i had a very teary-eyed backyard burial that should never have happened. it really upsets me when responsible pet owners can't find responsible veterinarians.
sorry to be long winded. just had to get it out. tks for listening.
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