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Ok...Its been FOREVER!! How bout some pics??How bout LOTS of pics?

Hey everyone! No I didnt fall off the face of the

Well, my tiger retic in 15 ft. now, for those of you who remember her.

Here are a few of the babies I hatched out this year.

Albino, 100% Het for Granite and patternless burms

Tripple 100% Het for albino, granite, and patternless burms

Albino Granite and granite burms

Here is the Dad to all my baby burms this year. 9ft.

A shot of my GTP.

My new Emerald.

My pastel Ball

My green anaconda.7ft

My Lab burm, het for albino 5 ft.

Mother of the Tripple hets-12 ft.

Ok...this is part of whats goin on with me. I hope you all enjoy the pics!
P.S. I missed all of you!
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