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Well....guess what I found out today!!!

Someone sent me the bylaws for the city of London...and it's true that one can not possess a snake greater than 24inches...but check this!!!!

One can not possess a non-venomous lizard greater than <b>12 inches</b>!!!!!!!

Both of my guys are bigger than that!! So, does this mean that no one can own anything more than an Anole, or a gecko into adulthood???

This is craziness!! I hope Mrs. Kravitz never sees THAT paragraph of the bylaws, or my guys are doomed!
The other thing that I was mistaken about was: I thought you were not allowed to have more than 2 of any're not allowed to have more than TWO animals of any variety, period.
From my reading of it, it implies you can have a dog, and two other animals of any species that is permitted within city limits.

By the way, I don't live in an apartment, I live in a three story townhouse that has about the same square footage as a stand alone house. Same as the snake owners.
My super was quite impressed with their set up for thier snakes, and she honestly feels that they didn't do anything wrong. (This woman also kept lizards when she was younger, so she's kind of "one of us"!) Which is why she gave me the heads up about Ms.Busybody.

UGH!! The whole thing just irritates me to no end!!!

As far as the dog biting my son...the police were involved, the animal control people were involved, and all I can say is the dog is still around.
They wouldn't even provide me with the owners NAME! I'm sure the fact that he's only scarred, rather than dead, played a part in why the dog is still alive.
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