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Here is a job for everyone. Even if you live way up in Prince George or Vernon and even if you arent going. Phone up Surrey and ask them that you heard that there will be a public meeting on the issue of the exotics bylaw on July 21 and ask for confirmation and then the details like when and where. Then ask if this is where you can speak out against the bylaw and ask how you arrange to do that.

I want them to know a lot of people are ticked off about this. The cities general infor phone number is (604) 591-4011.

Other good numbers to call are
Mayor Doug McCallum 604.591.4126
Councillor Judith E. Higginbotham 604.591.4633
Councillor J. Marvin Hunt 604.591.4635
Councillor Barbara Steele 604.591.4623
Councillor Gary D. Tymoschuk 604.591.4626
Councillor Robert Bose 604.591.4624
Councillor Penny Priddy 604.591.4622
Councillor Judy A. Villeneuve 604.591.4625
Councillor Dianne L. Watts 604.591.4634
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