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here in the U.S. I figure it's pretty easy to find legit or not, most legit rescues, slightly beyond start-up stage, will either have or be in the process of obtaining a 503C non-profit recognition and have whatever liscensing, certification, or permits that are required by State, County, of City of where ever their location. My local rescue has begun being supplied by the feeder company I'm with and even is allowed resale for +50% of the profits, but our donations have legitimate tax-free use. I personally take in animals, at greater expense and in more varieties than I like, because people that know me or know of me believe that I will do everything I can to help the animal, still only 5 of my entire collection are rescues because I adopt back out to responsible owners as fast as possible. My view is, call or advertise yourself as rescue and you had better have the paperwork (I might even call a legit place and report you), call yourself a business have the paperwork, call yourself a concerned person, I'll still check if you know what your doing. I think most persons or departments involved usually know each other, call your local police or sheriff to ask for a rescue they usually have the numbers on hand because they don't want to deal with the animals either.