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This is unfortunately an all to familiar trend. Herps are being banned everywhere now. These laws are passed by politicians with no understanding or knowledge of the subject matter. When laws are passed regarding the economy, and economist is brought in. When Foreign Policy is concerned, diplomats are consulted. The CDC, API, PETA, and HSUS are not experts. I say the CDC because of the ludicrous statistics they release and agendas they don't care to share. After all, what happens when they release unrealistic statistics about diseases? "The problem is larger than we anticipated, we need more funding". But I digress. Herpetiles are by far the most persecuted animals on the planet. Surveys show that most of the time, Snakes are feared more than DEATH! These are unreasonable fears that quietly whisper in the ears of politicians. These fears, not logic, are the invisible forces guiding the pens of lawmakers. Do more than vote on the site. Become part of the solution. Become active. Don't pout on the sidelines and then cry when your herps carry with them a fine. If you do nothing, then you have earned nothing, and you have no right to complain. I realize that many people on this site are not old enough to vote. So be it. You can still persuade parents, teachers, and other adults to simply go out to the public hearing against the ban. Get every herp society you can involved. Get people with letters after their names on your side (e.g. PHD). Build an ARMY of citizens who care for herps. Show them that these are not exotic animals secretly kept in the corner of a basement. But they are magnifiscant animals that brings us great pride and a greater understanding of the world around us. Show them that it is not just a few creepy people keeping these "creepy" pets. Show them that they are businessmen, educators, students, professors, lawyers, doctors and people from every walk of life, and we live in great numbers. We are all around them, we are the legs they stand on, we are the ones that vote, we are the ones that pay taxes, it is because of us that they have a job, and we do not like arbitrary restrictions created from flimsy evidence and personal biased from an unenlightened leader. If you are going to make a law, then know the subject matter. But I warn you of what would detrement your cause. Have "Herper Police" go to the meeting. Police your allies. If you see anyone with a snake or lizard, ask them to take the animal home because they are hurting your cause. NEVER bring a herp to an anti-herp group. They already want to ban them. What you have to do is present the facts, educate them, and above all DISTANCE them. If you have some idiot with a Burm around his neck go into town hall to protest the law, your cause is lost. You want to speak to them on a higher level, not shove that which they dispise in their face. So be careful of your allies. If you see some idiot bringing their snake to the meeting, tell them why they should not, persuade them. Above all, get involved. Voting on that site is a start, but there is more that can be done. Good luck.
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