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Kim.... I think you might be mistaken.... It USED TO BE, the first bite was "free".... but, I think they repealed that in EVERY State in the Union....
By the way.... is the dog OVER TWO FEET??....
I would take her to Small Claims court in ANY case.... the owner will be UNDER OATH, and, even so, YOU were there and witnessed it!!.... I can almost GUARANTEE that you will win!
As far as a pet store telling people to LIE.... that's ridiculous!.... Of all places, the pet shop should KNOW the laws and bi-laws of the town they live in.... What about the animals in their store that are over two feet??.... Doesn't the Fish and Game in your area make them get rid of them somehow?
Last point.... for the lady that ratted everybody out.... my buddy has a 26 foot Burm he will let you borrow for a while??.... That lady would make a GREAT appetizer, and no evidence will be left!!

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