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Towels-Suitable Substrate

I was washing my snakes Astroturf today and got thinking. Would bathroom towels make a good substrate. The reason why I may want to use towels is beacause they can go in my washing machine and the dryer. It takes me a half hour to wash and rinse Astroturf by hand. Astroturf can not be put in the washingmachine and dryer, it leaves rubber pieces everywhere. It takes another 2 hours to let it air dry. Using towels would save me a whole lot of time and effort. They would cost about the same as the Astroturf. I would need enough to cover 20 square feet, thats about 4 large towels which would cost $25.00 and the Astroturf would be about $40.00

What do you think is better, SAFER, less time consuming?
Does anyone else use towels?
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