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I think it is funny how several people want to have the reptiles as pets just for show or amusiment, but on the other hand when they get anIguana from a fair as a prize they are clueless. The main problem in my oppion is they think that anything without fur is not to be kept as a pet. I have a Red Tail that is over 10ft and just as tame now as she was when I first got her.
The town that I used to live in tried to put a ban on anyone owning a "poisionus constricter" (witch I have yet to see). I went to the city counsel meeting and gave my side of the story with the help of the Animal Control Officer. Who stated that in the past 20 years that he was in charge of animal control there was no reproted cases of bites from reptiles ever and at least 100 reported cases of bites from cats and dogs a year. So thats about 2,000 bites from furry animals to 0 bites from reptiles, so what makes the safer pet?
I have rescued several reptiles from people that could not handle them any more, or they did get bored and the fun was over.
I wil be the first to admit some of the ones that I rescued would not have been my first choice to get but I was willing to take the time to do the right thing untill a proper home could be found, not all of them lived past a week for various reasons most was malnutrition from the time that I had gotten them.
Thanks Will
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