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Question On/Off Thermostat blown? Advice please..

I was rewiring all of my heat tape today to prepare for all of my 2003 acquisitions. I am going with a total of 504 Watts of 4" and 11" tape. Once I got things all wired up I plugged in my thermostat (1000 Watt max) and something blew. My basement fuse didn't shut off though. Now when I plug in the thermostat, everything works except it won't put out any power. The dial will accurately engage at the proper temp, the LEDs all work... but no output!

I troubled shooted every possible option and it has to be something in the thermostat. When I opened the sucker up, there wasn't a burnt smell and there was no discoloration or any other visible signs.

So, if there are any electrical buffs out there, what could have happened? Please help me!!! Too much has been going wrong lately... I guess I'm due for some good luck soon though!
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