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Someone explain this nonsense to me! (lonnng rant)

My superintendant came to my door the other day...telling me she needed to talk to me "about my pets".
She then proceeded to "inform" me about the city bylaw that restricts exotic pets ( I knew about the bylaw already, but it doesn't apply to me due to the type and size of lizards I have).
No venomous pets, no more than two of any species, no greater than two feet long...etc, etc. Including a request that I not allow any of the neighbours, or their children to handle my lizards.
What brought this on...well, apparently we have had new tenants move into our complex. They have no less than 7 snakes, and rumour has it the number is actually greater than 20.
A week or so ago, they had one of their fellows outside for some sun, a neighbour boy (he's 9) and HIS mother went over to check out the snake. He was holding it, and the owners were doing thier "public service" bit, much the same as we all do...explaining why the snake makes a good pet, and that they really aren't scarey animals, etc. WELL...some OTHER kids mother saw this 9 year old child holding the snake, and FREAKED OUT!!! She went to the super, and complained...she went to the property management company and complained, she went to the CITY and complained...because of this, the owners now have to get rid of all of their snakes, except two, which must be under 2 feet long.
First off, it wasn't HER kid holding the snake, and the mother of the child that was holding it, was right there, and had no issue with it.
Secondly, the HUGE issue I have is...since our city has a bylaw saying no reptiles over two feet long...HOW can pet shops be allowed to sell these animals as babies????
They want us to be responsible pet owners...license out pets, vaccinate our pets, leash our pets...oh...and by the way...get RID of your REPTILES when they reach two feet!!!
It's craziness I say! Just WHERE are these iguanas, monitors, snakes etc supposed to go???
My superintendant is not ANTI reptile! In fact she told me herself she would rather have snakes and lizards as her tenants pets, since they don't chew the baseboards, piss on the carpets, poop on the lawns, bark all day and night!
She just wanted to let me know to be careful, that we have a neighbour that wants the herps out of the neighbourhood, due to her little phobia.

I was at the pet shop where I rescued Dill, they have a WHACK of new iguanas, tegus, savannah monitors, water monitors...I believe the majority, if not all of those grow to more than two feet long. When I asked the pet shop guy about it...he said..."what bylaw?", "I dont know nothin' about no bylaw". He was being sarcastic of course, and described the bylaw as bulls***. He says he doesn't tell his customers about it, and IF they know about it, he tells them to break the law as they see fit...if an animal control officer comes to your door...LIE! If they MAKE you get rid of the animals, then take them to a friends until they do their inspection, and then bring them back.

I just dont' get it. The city is teaching irreasponsible pet ownership,they bit** and whine about all the unwanted cats and dogs, because when they're no longer kittens and puppies, and no longer "cute" anymore people get rid of them...but yet the city is enforcing a law that causes much loved reptile family members to be given up when they are no longer babies.
The pet shop is teaching irresponsible pet ownership by not informing customers of the potential that they may invest tons of time and money only to have some phobic, "Mrs. Kravitz" type neighbour rat them out to the city, and be forced to say goodbye to their "babies".

It's craziness! It's unfair, and unjust. I honestly believe that the vast majority of people that take on a reptile as a pet invest some much more time and money caring for thier animals than the average cat and dog owners!!
Just go look at the cat and dog forums on them to even just THIS forum. It's all cutesy poo, baby talk, "meow chat" kind of stuff...with some seriousness thrown in...whereas in here, we talk about health issues, and how to's, with a little cutesy poo stuff thrown in for a laugh, or to lighten the mood.
(Don't get me wrong...I know they love their pets too, and would walk on broken glass for them!!!)

Anyway...I need to stop ranting!! I'm just disgusted by the going's on in my neighbourhood lately!!
Whatever happened to live, and let live????

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