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Lets see... I'll just name species and we'll assume they're 1.1 pairs or better unless otherwise specified.

sandfish skink (Scincus scincus)
all the candoia except asper (already have asper)
mandarin rat snakes (Elaphe mandarina)
Chinese Beauty Snakes (Elaphe taeniura)
False habu (Macropisthodon rudis)
Crested Geckos
Western Hognose (I'd like eastern too but those are restricted in ontario)
Hogg Island Boas
Scrub Pythons
Sumatran Black Blood Pythons
0.1 Sumatran Red Blood Python
Surinam BCC
1.0 Guyan BCC
IJ carpet pythons
Jungle carpet pythons
1.0 Specked king
0.1 Prairie King
Lots and lots of corn morphs, lavender, snow, amel, anery, motley. sunglow.
0.1 frosted cremesicle.
brazilian rainbow boas (actually i want peruvian but they're not likely to be in my price range anytime soon)
Black Mexican kings

Stuff I'd like but I'm not ready for right now.
Yangtze Habu (Agkistrodon blomhoffi)
Sulcutta Tortoise (I don't think we'll ever have the room for one of these, never mind a breeding pair).
Galapogas Tortoise (Same as the Sulcutta and then there's the CITES restrictions)
Eastern Massassauga Rattler (I don't think i'll ever have these due to keeping restrictions within ontario)

There's more but they slip my mind right now
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