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planning to have by fall :
0.1 normal corn
0.1 normal striped corn
0.1 hypo or snow corn (can't decide)
1.0 sunglow corn
1.0 western hognose (if available)
0.0.1 legless lizard

hope to get over the winter :
0.1 western hognose (to make a pair)
0.0.3 land hermit crabs
1.1 emperor scorpions
0.0.3 green anoles

in the next few years :
0.0.1 eastern box turtle
0.0.1 painted turtle
0.0.1 boa constricter
0.0.1 python
0.0.1 chameleon
0.0.3 fire belly newts
0.0.2 fire belly toads

and will continue to collect more corn morphs !
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