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To finish pairing off most of my collection I need:
1.0 Colombian BCI
1.0 Hog Isle Boa

What I plan on getting in the next 10 years as space, money, time, and availability permits:
2.2 Clouded Boas
1.2 Bolivian Boas
0.0.1 GTP (Jayapura or Biak)
1.1 Tannimbar Scrubs
1.1 Super Dwarf Retics
1.1 Diamond Pythons
0.0.1 PeachThroat monitor
1.3 Uromastyx (Mali or Nigerian)
0.0.1 Box Turtle

This doesn't include all the animals I wish I could have, or any of the dream animals... of course if I stumble across those opportunities I'm gonna snatch em up
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