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Too much to say, I'll try to be quick...

Okay, I'm not going to say everything, but I'll try to make my point. Let it be said that I am new to the hobby and no little about this, but here are my thoughts on your post:
1. Abortion is not always because it is "convenien". Sometimes a parent simply cannot take care of a child, and it would be worse for the child to be born into that. Also, this is not an "era". People have been leaving babies in streets to die for hundreds of years, so abortion isn't the worst thing out there.
2. Um...WHAT IS WRONG WITH GETTING DIVORCED TO PURSUE HAPPINESS?!? Yeah, our grandparents' generation didn't get divorced, but how many battered wives, alcoholics, etc. came from those situations? How many miserable people?
3. I think going out into the wild and taking a snake out of its natural home (when we have so many CB snakes)is wrong. Why would you do that?
4. Just a side note: I know a dog that is half wolf which is somewhat like your cat/bobcat example. She is perfectly fine. In fact, she is wonderful. Oh, and what is wrong with new things?
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