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1.0 ambilobe panther chameleon (i can get one for sure)

and the rest i know i cant have ... parent limited me to 1 more

1.0 jackson's chameleon
1.1 parson's chameleon
1.0 nosy be panther chameleon
1.1 pink panther chameleon
1.0 savamba panther chameleon
1.0 ds panther chameleon
1.1 redxpurple bar ambanja chameleon
2.5 pygmy leaf chameleon
2.5 bearded pygmy chameleon
2.3 dwarf panther chameleon
1.0 giant spiny chameleon
1.0 tammative panther chameleon

i think thats about it ... LOL
if only i had parent who love chams as much as i ... and i had a decent income and a lot more space ... working at mcds does not cut it ... thank god for the loan agency ... my dad!!! LOL
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