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Originally posted by Tim and Julie B
You are a comic lover and you thought the spiderman movie was actually good? They completely went away from the comic. Out of any of them I would have to say that was deffinatly the worst. I wonder what will be next? Iron man? Remake of The Fantastic Four? X factor?
Yeah I know they strayed from the original storyline but I thought the general hardships of Peter Parker felt EXACTLY the same to me as if I was reading the comic. I really thought they did a fantastic job at that. For instance, substituting Gwen Stacey for Mary Jane... not a big deal because the impact was still there... with great power comes great responsibility.

I was prepared for little changes like that when I went into the theatre. If I wasn't, I think I would've been quite annoyed. I know someone who saw Lord of the Rings right after finishing the book, thought it would turn out on screen exactly the same, and didn't like the movie as a result.

Besides, I think changes like that are needed to bring new comic book readers to the hobby. And lord knows they need it.

Anyone know who the villan will be in the next Spidey movie? I heard it was going to be Doctor Octopus. That would be cool.
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