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well first of all I've always loved animals cats dogs birds lizards snakes whatever so this is my story...

"It started 3 years ago when i moved from Calgary to toronto. I always liked lizards but never considered them as pets. Our cousins invited us to our cottage one day and I agreed because i love nature so whwen we were there My cousin cam eback from a bush with a garter I couldn't belive it I was amazed he had caught a real live snake.

so then i started asking questions and he told me u could have them as pets! I was amazed my mom on the other hand was not. After 2 years of begging and catching wild snakes showing that i could handle a real one I got one on dec 24 2002!

so now I have one snake (so far) named nicky after my cousin who started my ambition and love for herps even thoe I liked them when i was a little kid.

thats my story how it started".....


lol yup thats mine
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