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1.1 Columbian Boa Constrictors (Sasha and Sonya)
0.1 Guyan Red Tail Boa Constrictor (Feather)
1.2 Royal Pythons (Boris, Natasha and Tatiana
1.1 Burmese Pythons (Silnya and Silas)
1.1 Viper Boas (Nikita and Dimitri)
1.0 Blood Python (Vlad the Impaler)
1.1 Mex Mex Kings (Tequila and Margarita)
1.0 Prairie King (Zameya)
0.1 Speckled King (Tazza)
2.2.1 Corns (Nadia, Igor, Anastasia, Rasputin, Ivan the Terribly Shy)

Of course with the show coming up who knows what else we may get, and being my birthday the day after the show, we're bound to get something.
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