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Well I have always loved animals in general ALL of my live. Infact I do not remember a time not ever owning cats dogs birds fish ect. So having a addiction with animals in general has never been a problem. When I was about 16 my dad got 2 bps and all they did what ball up. Even when you took them out of the cage they just knotted up. Needless to say I lost intresed in them. I wound up getting three rescued abanded ferrits. Few months ago I got the idea to get my dad a snake for fathers day. My dad loves snakes! I never knew how much e loved snakes, because my mom is scared to death of them LoL. So my dads snake is in the mail and I now have a cornsnake, texas ratsnake, redear slider, japanese firebelly newt, 18+ fish, and 3 cats, a husband and a daughter With 3 more corns otw after they have eaten a few times.
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