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No, I couldnít tell you the method he was using. A few years ago I was feeding live rabbits to my 2.2 burms and I would fight a battle with mites about 2 or 3 times a year. I was speaking with the lady at the local snake shop about new methods and she had mentioned the Nix lice treatment. She told me that she had used it and it worked, but the breeder she buys baby boas from used it and lost several snakes afterward. Since I have switched to frozen rabbits and I have not had a mite in about 2 years. (hint hint). I do like the old ways best! When my snakes had mites, I will dust the burms everywhere but the head with good old 7 dust. Leave it on about 15 minutes and spray it off. Then I would put the yellow no pest stripe in the cage. 100% success every time. This was the widely accepted method about 10 to 15 years ago, and I am well aware most people have moved away from it and claim the stripe has too much poison and 7 dust is badÖ.blah blah blah. It never gave me a problem and I am a firm believer in ďif it ainít broke donít fix it.Ē Now I donít think I would use this on fragile snakes like tree boas, but on big burms it worked great for me. Also, about 2 weeks a go I used it on 2 cottonmouths and a copperhead. Again, 100% success. I donít consider $11 a bottle expensive, but that is relative. Someone on a hard run of luck may have trouble even buying the food for his herps. Someone in that spot would consider $11 too much, in which case the soap may be the answer for them.
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