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SCReptiles - I'm not trying to contradict you but I am curious about the person using Nix and losing snakes? Do you know how he was using it?
I use diluted Nix (1 tablespoon per spray bottle... lol not the most accurate, I know) and spray down the snake and cage (except water bowl). I use it on each new snake (and on all of them when I had mites) and it worked great with no side effects (I've used less than an 11$ bottle... I don't think that can be considered expensive :P, considering thats 3cents american).

But yeah I'd like like to see how he was using it.

I guess I'm just a little skeptical about this method because a) you leave dove gunk on the snake's scales for that long. b) the snake could easily take a swim and then drink the water. it may not kill a healthy snake, but it sure won't do wonders for a sick snake. c) Nix is so much easier! lol Can you tell I like Nix? Maybe it comes from having lice so much as a kid... joking

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