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Thanx for the support guys. Keep it coming. All I can say is that right now in BC we are fighting more bylaws than ever. The Recent seizure of the exotic animals and monkeys by the SPCA may have accelerated things and Christine is in a panic because she thinks her years are number and nobody is there to fill her shoes. We are hanging on by a thread here. We have barely staved off damaging bylaws in Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, and Richmond. Most we had to settle for compromises in but at least we beat the all out bans proposed. I am hoping this will be the same but since its Christines home town and the council is likely married to her and her ideals it will be tougher. Even though we have defeated bylaws banning herps we still have to deal with virtually ever city having an "anti-circus" bylaw which prevents any reptiles from being at public events at many placeswhich puts a serious crimp in our shows and sales. Indeed a bylaw officer called us up 2 days before our last sale and harrassed us. It happened in Richmond a while back too. They have stupid timing. 2 days before shows!!

Anyway keep up your support....we need all we can get. If it happens here you can bet your city coucillors will soon be saying well look at BC lets follow their lead.
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