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Followed up on the toxin theory & there was zero evidence of anything to support it. Prey was from the same source as always & was meant to be prey. The store uses nothing on them that would be toxic for the snake to eat anyway. There was no other toxins present in the shavings or in the air for that matter. All conditions were the same as they always had been, nothing had changed. So any other guesses?
As far as the prey "reviving" I meant that it may have happened on the way down & possibly caused an injury that the snake succumbed to right after its ingestion. We all know that its not likely to come alive in a belly full of stomach acid. Anyhow other than running some "toxology tests' I don't think we'll know. She did freeze the snake so if someone I knew wanted to run such tests they could feel free. She (or me as far as it goes) is not willingly to spend the $200+ dollars the vet quoted to have it done. Imagine that she doesn't want to lose another $200 to change nothing about her snake being dead. They can do a basic autopsy (sp) for around $50 , but that basically tells you nothing. Either way she doesn't want to spend any money on her dead pet. She would be more than willing to take it to the vet in the beginning, but the poor little one never had the chance to go with it all happening so quick. Anyhow there is still no closure.
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