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My story is i'm 17 and myuncle is 40. He use to always tell me about how great it was when he was growing up and about he use to always catch these awesome snakes. I was relly intrigued about all his stories having to do with Rattle snakes, Coral snakes,CopperHeads, andCottonmouths. He would tell me about how snakes use to be so common that he could sell kingsnakes to pet stores for 10$ Gram snakes for 5 $ and Hognose snakes were so common that no petstore would buy them. He always had A BallPyhton for the longest time and I would always hold it and ignore evrything else when I was holding that snake. One day I just got tired of the Pyhton and decided I would start catching my own snakes . So since than I have been catching any snake that moves . You can bet that if i'm not at my house or at my work I'm in the woods at creek or by a river or tha local reptile store doing something with snakes just recently i've gotten very interested in breeding Speckled kingsnakes and Prairie Kingsnakes. My uncle and i even started a websit called

That is my story not very interesting but it works!
We may have snakes sticks but you still can't compare that to the craziness of a Homeless person!!
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