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Marisa: My point is that my mother does matter because I care about her and her opinion. If the issue were as simple as me ignoring her, then I wouldn't be so torn.

SCReptiles: Thanks for the advice, but I've already learned that I can't tell people about my snakes. The apartment I'm in now actually has a clause against any exotic pets at all, but what they don't know won't hurt them. ;-) Of course I'm moving in a month to a snake-friendly apartment complex where I can afford the second bedroom that the Burm is going to eventually need.

Everyone else: I am capable of taking care of George no matter how big he gets because I'm dedicated financially and emotionally able to handle a large breed python. I understand the difficulties behind owning a burm, and I wouldn't ever keep him if I didn't feel able. My upcoming move would be to an area that is extremely pet friendly because the apartments around there house vet tech students - as long as my roommate doesn't mind a large snake, he won't be problem.

I guess after much personal deliberation, my fondness for George wins out. I don't think I can part with him. ;-)

Thanks for your support everyone.
When people ask me if i'm a cat person or a dog person I tell them, "I'm a snake person"!
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