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Ignorance is a crime! This lady has no right to try and enforce any law of this kind. Dogs and cats pose a much greater problem to animal rescue facilities around the world. Reptiles are such a small percent of a much greater issue. Education is key in these problems, not an all out ban. Most people assume they know how to care for dogs and cats but the stats dont lie (Over 5 million cats and dogs are euthanized each year!) Most first time(not all) reptile owners open a book about their animal at least once. Dont get me wrong not everyone should own certain reptiles, but not everyone should own dogs or cats... These kind of bylaws have been a plague to herpers around the world for many years and I figured over time with the mass amount of information available (the internet) at our fingertips people like Christine Schramm would even get a clue!. But people like her keep poping up with the same uneducated opinion and views. I agree with bans on certain species of reptiles but not all reptiles because that would be a shame... IMO... Just a rant!!!
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