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I think it is in the best interest of the snake and yourself if you pass it on to stable home. You mentioned moving, believe me, you will have trouble finding a place to rent with a grown Burmese. I have been thru it. I have one that I have had since the early 90ís and each time I had to move it was a great ordeal finding a place to live. Often, I would have to live in very poor quality houses simply because I could not find a nice place that would allow him. I now own my own home and I still run into problems keeping him. Even though you own you own home, your insurance company can refuse you a policy if you have burms. And if your neighbors raise a stink, you could end up with a new city ordinance banning your snake. Take my advice, leave the giant snakes be until you are settled in and own your own home and even then, keep it to yourself. Do not share your snakes with everyone, only people you can really trust.
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