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Talking Chased by lion

Here is a story i want to tell you all.
I was in Africa one day and decided to take a nice safari tour. We were underway for a while and some beautifull animals, it was great. But then i had to go to the toilet, so i told the driver to stop. He did and i got out, dispite the warning the driver gave. So i was walking around to find some nice bushes, when this big lion came runnin towards me. I was in shock for a sec, but then ran my behind off. I got away from the lion by jumping in to the van and the driver drove away fast. Im really lucky to be alive

Ok Ok, nuttin that i wrote above here is true.
The truth is, i made an @$$ of myself on my webcam and some one, somehow took a picture of that. She then send it to me. So had to make it look like something really cewl was happening, in order to save my ego. Ah well. i think i did a good job at it
I also was rather bored
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